• Elegant Hydrations

    The secret to looking your best on your Big Day is... HYDRATION!!!


    When you are well-hydrated, your skin feels super soft, supple and youthful. Not only does your skin feel luscious and silky smooth, but you also look and feel like a million bucks!




    You have a natural glow about you and your skin looks fresh and clear. Staying well-hydrated can even help your body flush out toxins, promote weight loss, alleviate bloating and uplift your mood naturally.


    Let our team of nurses heal your hydration woes with one simple treatment full of fluids, vitamins and minerals!

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    Stay hydrated with IV hydration therapy!


    Feeling dehydrated?

    Not meeting your daily fluid intake goals?

    Select this therapy for a fluid volume boost to feel replenished and rejuvenated. Contains normal saline only.

    • $150 per person, in-office
    • $225 per person, concierge
    Get some hangover help with this custom formula designed to rehydrate you and replenish your electrolytes.

    Hangover Help

    Feeling the effects of last night’s festivities?

    Select this therapy to replace fluid loss from the side effects of alcohol consumption. This formula contains a blend of B vitamins, multivitamins and magnesium to restore your electrolyte balance, mixed in a solution of Lactated Ringers to give you that boost your body is thirsty for.

    • $200 per person, in-office
    • $275 per person, concierge
    Nausea is no fun. This hangover help upgrade will help alleviate that nauseous feeling.

    Hangover Cure

    Feeling nauseated?

    Select this Hangover Help upgrade and banish the nausea with the power of Zofran, an anti-nausea medication.

    • $220 per person, in-office

    • $295 per person, concierge

    IV Ultrasound technology helps the nurse see your veins, ensuring increased accuracy for IV placement.

    IV Ultrasound

    Not fond of needles?

    Our specially trained nurses are experts at what they do, but if the idea of needles frightens you, or you are known to have difficult veins, then ask for IV Ultrasound.


    We will gladly provide this service to you in order to make this experience more comfortable for you.


    **We include the numbing agent, Lidocaine, free of charge with any IV insertion upon request

    • $20 per person additional fee
  • Hydration Packages

    Schedule once weekly hydration therapy at your convenience to get that soft, dewy glow. Save 10% off the original price by booking a hydration package!

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